Frequently Asked Questions About Mehandi / Heena

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What type of Mehandi / Heena Art do you do?

I do Special & Designer – Bridal Mehandi of many styles, like Design of Radha-Krisha, Traditional Cultural style Mehandi, Arabic Designs, Portrait Style Mehandi, Mehandi on theme / topic and many more types of designs.

I create bride/Groom ‘s portrait (face & shoulders) on bride’s hand too with mehandi. It will look like sketch on your hand.

Is it really possible to draw someone’s face on my hand by Mehandi?

Yes, it’s possible and I have done it many times. Actually I am an artist and I do live portraits too. So if someone can draw a sketch or portrait on paper by pencil, then he/she can do it with using any other medium’s too.

If you have a picture / photo of your loved ones, in your cell phone, then I will watch that picture and I will create a portrait on your hand by using a small tipped mehandi cone. and It will look like pretty much same and you can recognise him/her.

and If you still don’t believe then you must try me once.

To apply Mehandi on my Mehandi Ceremony, Can you come to my home or I have to come to you?

Yes, both options are available. First you have to make a booking by phone or message and have to fix a date and time.

I have a design (news paper / magazine cutting / download picture) Can you create similar design on my hand?

Creating a fresh and new design is good but if you have your favourite design’s picture, I can surely apply that design on your hand.

On which body part I may have Mehandi designs?

Your beautiful Hands, fingers, shoulders, feet, neck, back and on any part of your body.

Do you travel?

Yes! My passport is up to date and I love nothing more than a good adventure. I’d love to go wherever you are— from your own backyard all the way to Timbuktu. Travel is billed very simply— if airfare, hotel and a rental car are needed you are responsible for a direct reimbursement for those charges and no more.

How long does it take to complete a Mehandi design?

It will depend on many things:

  • Type of the Mehandi Design?
  • How big the design is and how big part would be covered with the design?
  • How co-operative you are during applying Mehandi?

It can take minimum 10 minutes to maximum 10 hours or more…

After knowing about your need, we can fairly estimate about the time.

Can we upload our Mehandi’s Picture to Facebook?

Yes! Facebook is a wonderful way to share your pictures and art-work. As stated in the contract, you may use your images for personal use only. I do retain the copyright to the artwork and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, and so on. If you want to share them on Facebook make sure you put “” as a comment or caption under each photo.

I want to learn Mehandi. Do you teach?

Yes I teach too. If you really want to learn, you can learn. But learning good Mehandi require some hard work, practice and time. If you are ready for doing hard work, you can learn.

What do you charge?

All packages are custom made for each individual hand / feet or complete bride’s Mehandi. I would love to hear from you and all about what you are looking for so that I can customize a package to fit you. Please fill out this contact form or give me a call on my number and I will send a price list with any suggestions I have your way.