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(This question is here to help others)

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Yes… anybody can be a superhero on this earth with their good works and willpower. follow the steps:

• “Help” is the main action, what superheroes always do. so help the peoples and don’t ever hurt anybody with your act or words. Look around you, you will find a lot of good peoples who need some help.

🙂 A little kid or old women who wanna cross the road.
🙂 A tree or flower plant need a little care.
🙂 A little baby dog crying, because some children are teasing or badly playing him.
🙂 An old man working hard at garden in full of cold and he haven’t any warm clothes to wear… need some help if you can give your old clothes to him. He will give lots of blessings to you.
🙂 A bird’s nest had suddenly fallen from your upper window, put it again safely on there.
🙂 Spend time with your family and friends, respect your parents and never make jocks on old grandpa..
🙂 Never break any heart. (girlfriend, wife, friends etc…)

people will remember you with your good acts and helpfulness.
and do something great in your field or any field so that you can become a little famous and people will respect you and your family. and your family will be proud on you.

• Try to be a good human and remain good as much as you can.
Don’t think filmy like spider-man or something, they are not real… but you can be real if you want.


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