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How to type in Hindi / English or other in languages with voice in whatsapp or in other applications in android based phones?

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In your android phone, It’s very easy to type with your voice. and it works with many languages, including Hindi, Chinese, and many more …

Here are the steps:

  1. Open any app where you want to type your message. (example: WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook messenger etc…)
  2. When on-screen typing keyboard appear, go to lower-right side of your keyboard and long tap the mic button for voice typing. (you can see the below picture to get an correct idea about where the mic button actually present on the on-screen keyboard).


3. After long tapping on the mic button, you will see a big mic on your screen. (for sample, you can see the below picture)


Now you can start speaking in English.

And if you want to speak in Hindi or in other languages, then first you have to go to settings in your phone and then go to advance setting, languages & input, Language and then add your favorite language in the list

Now enjoy voice typing in your favorite language.


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