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I am 16 and looking for a good picture of myself to set as my profile picture on facebook. I am a girl. Any cool ideas?

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Here are some ideas for you..

🙂 – Not to show full face but only eyes and upper face.. to hide other part of your face you can pose your hand in front of your face. Your nails, fingers and hand should look beautiful, you are a girl after all .

🙂 – spread some hairs on your cheeks and take a click photo with 45 angle view. only your head.

🙂 – make some good facial expressions and take some photographs with your cute face with different expressions.

🙂 – close your eyes and put your chin little bit up… with green natural environment. act like your are breathing some fresh air…

Take your camera and experiment with different camera angles, different facials expressions, different hand poses with face. different hair styles and many more creative ideas. You should think about some new ideas and you should always ready for applying your ideas on your photographs.

so take some nice photos of yourself and be creative..
Good Luck 🙂

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