Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of painting do you do?

I would say my style is largely realistic, with bits of fine art flair throughout. I do realistic portrait, painting on theme/topic, caricature, sketching, painting or drawing with Imagination, and many more…

I create paintings with water color, oil color, poster color, pastel, charcoal, color pencil, crayon, oil paint, graphite pencil, mix media etc….

I do digital painting and CGI work also.

What type of animation work do you do?

I do both 2d animation and 3d animation. In 2d I do traditional frame by frame animation and cut out animation too.

Can I give you a picture of mine to draw my portrait, and you will send me my painting?

Yes, in most of the cases my clients are lives in other states or from different country. And they want there portrait to be done. So they send their good quality picture to me, I draw/paint and send them what they want.

Can you complete my school / college projects with the help of your drawing skills?

Yes I can, but doing your homework by yourself is good for your learning. I prefer not to complete your school/college homework, but If there is any emergency, then I can surely help you out. And if you are my own student, then you will have to complete your project by yourself.

Do you travel?

Yes! My passport is up to date and I love nothing more than a good adventure. I’d love to go wherever you are— from your own backyard all the way to Timbuktu. Travel is billed very simply— if airfare, hotel and a rental car are needed you are responsible for a direct reimbursement for those charges and no more.

How long does it take to get our paintings, animations or designs?

It will depend on many things:

  • What is the size of art-work?
  • how many characters are in the scene?
  • Type of the art-work
  • What quality and effects you want?

After knowing about your need, we can fairly estimate about the time.

What services do you provide?

We Are into ART & MULTIMEDIA & we provide lots of services:

Paintings of all types. (Portraits, Landscapes, etc.)
Sketching, Portraits, Live Portraits (with Pencil, charcoal, watercolor, oil-color)
Mehandi | Henna (Bridal and Designer)


Character designing
Concept designing (Character, Product)
Props Designing
Story Designing


Digital Painting
Many types of artwork creations for songs, movies, products etc.


Image Editing
Logo Designing
Visiting Card
Advertisement making for print media
Advertisement making for Website


GIF Animation
2D Animation
Motion Graphics
White board Animation
Social Media Management & Posting (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) video


Architectural Pre-visualization
3d Modeling (realistic, semi-realistic and cartoonish)
3D Sculpting
3D Texturing
3D Lighting
3D Rigging
3D Dynamics & Particles
Animation (2d and 3d, dynamic and particle, camera & environment animation)
Rendering (with Mental Ray, V-Ray and Arnold)
Product Designing
Medical Videos


Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)
Tracking & Match moving
Matte Painting
Digital Compositing
Virtual Cinematography


Film/Short Film Direction
Video/Song Editing
Video Compositing
Sound Editing


Video Direction
Video Song
Short Film Making
Sound Designing
Video Advertise
Film/Short Film


Website Designing
App Development


Training for all the above skills & services, Live and Online training for professionals, teachers and students, all over the world.
(Note: training is available in English and Hindi Language only.)

and many more…

I want to give a portrait to my girlfriend, boyfriend or dear ones, as a surprise gift on her/his upcoming birthday. I have her/his photograph, can you make a portrait for me?

If you will provide me some good quality photograph of your dear ones, then it will be good. We can choose which picture would be good for portrait painting. And it will take some time to complete the painting with fine quality, so you must place the order before 2 weeks or more from the upcoming birthday.

If there is only one or two days left for upcoming birthday/occasion, then we may draw pencil sketch only, if there is not any pending work in my hand at that time.

Can we upload our Painting / sketches / animation etc to Facebook?

Yes! Facebook is a wonderful way to share your portrait pictures and art -work. As stated in the contract, you may use your images for personal use only. I do retain the copyright to the artwork and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, and so on. If you want to share them on Facebook make sure you put “www.kamalnishad.com” as a comment or caption under each photo and please don’t crop or alter the photo in any way.

In this new world of digital cameras, who need handmade paintings?

Digital camera is for taking pictures what is present in front of you now. Cameras can’t prepare photos from memory. But painting is able to make the picture of what we don’t have in front of us. If something is into your memory, it can’t be click by camera but can be draw and painted with handmade drawing.

We know the world is updating itself very fast, that’s why I can draw and paint digital painting also. and I do digital image editing too. We are not walking slowly but exactly running with the world.

Imagination has no limits, you can imagine anything anytime. Camera has it’s own benefits but camera can’t imagine anything. so with the unlimited power of imagination, handmade painting skill can create wonderful and fabulous creations.

I want to learn drawing. Do you teach?

Yes I teach too. If you really want to learn, you can learn. But learning drawing and painting require lots of hard work, practice and time. If you are ready for doing hard work, you can learn.

Do you do live portraits?

Yes yes yes! I really enjoy doing live portraits. You will have to sit in front of me as a model, with a good pose and.. If you will stay still for some minutes, I will complete your portrait with pencil and charcoal.

How much time will it take to make a live portrait?

If someone is sitting right in front of me with a good pose, and I am making a pencil sketch of him/her. It will take 8 – 45 minutes to complete the portrait with graphite pencil and charcoal on A3 paper. It will depend on the model too, If he/she can sit still in the same pose without shaking the head and other body part, it will be helpful for me to complete the portrait quickly.

If we make live portraits with colors, it will take more time to complete. Approx 1 to 6 sittings (according to me 1 sitting = 3 hours). So, if we are going to make a colorful portrait then it’s better to use pictures rather than live models. We will click some pictures of yours with a good camera, and I will use those pictures as reference to complete your painting. This way you will not have to sit in front of me as a model for a long time. You can go home and I could complete your portrait with the reference of your photos.

What do you charge?

All packages are custom made for each individual Painting / Sketch / Animation / Video Advertisement / Logo and Hording etc… so you can get exactly what you want (and not a whole bunch of stuff you aren’t interested in!) I would love to hear from you and all about what you are looking for so that we can customize a package to fit you. Please fill out this contact form or give me a call on my number and I will send a price list with any suggestions I have your way.