My clients can use these methods to pay me, for the paintings, animations, artworks or other designs: (PayTM, UPI, Cash or Cheque, Online Bank Transfer, Paypal)


1. Pay through PayTM

Pay on this mobile number +91 9501247988

or scan this QR code by PayTM app.

Kamal Nishad Artist and CGI Expert - PayTM QR Code_


2. Pay through UPI

Pay on artistkamal@upi

or pay on this mobile number +91 9501247988 using UPI app

or scan this QR code by UPI app.


3. Cash or Cheque

You can pay by cash or cheque too, for more details, contact directly by phone or message. (Whatsapp and calling number +91 9501247988)


4. Online bank transfer

For online bank transfer, contact directly and ask for bank account number and other details.


5. PayPal

For payment through PayPal, click here and pay