How to protect a file with a password?

Q. How can we protect a digital / computer file with a password so that nobody can see inside it? I want to protect / lock an image, video and some text file.

Answer: There are many paid and free software/apps available for locking your file with a desired password.

You can use “WinRAR”, it’s free version will give you password protection for your files. Here are the steps to using it:

  1. Go to and download WinRAR for your PC.
  2. Install it in your PC.
  3. After installing, go to the file which you want to protect with a password.
  4. Right click on your file or folder.
  5. Select “Add to archive”. You will see a window “Archive name and parameters”
  6. Click on the “Set Password” button on the lower right side of the window.
  7. Fill your desired password, Click OK and then OK again.
  8. Your file/folder will convert into a RAR file and after the converting process done, you will see 2 folders. One is your original file/folder and the other one is RAR folder. then you can delete your original folder.
  9. It’s done, now it’s locked and can’t be opened easily, because if somebody try to open it, it will ask for a password and without a correct password nobody can open it (except a big hacker ? ).
  10. Enjoy