Sketch pad advice please?

Q. Sketch pad advice please?


I am very picky when it comes to paper…

I have tried many sketch pads and papers overtime, but I am still unable to be pleased by any of them.

Money is not an object in this case, I want extremely high quality for my work.

I want a pad that has very thick paper, silky-smooth texture, pure snow white, and very-very dense and tough. I would like for my ink (Copic multilinear ink) to not bleed when I use my pen on the paper, want my lines to be perfect.

Any suggestion? ^___^
Links to handmade paper sellers online would also be very appreciated, if they’re product would hold up to my standards.

(This question is to help others too)

Answer: Art should be in your skills, not in your materials.
whatever you have, try to create some nice artwork with those materials. Good artist never asks for best paper or pad, he can start with any paper, and can make the paper worth full.

Best of Luck.