Is there any computer related course in Arts?

Q. I want to take arts, but I am very good and have interest in computer related things, especially games. so is there any course which is related to computer but in arts. ? please help, am in 10th now! (This question is to help students)

Answer: If you are creative and you want to make carrier in Gaming then, you can go for Multimedia (3D, 2D, VFX, SOUND, Graphics, Web etc…) courses.
After your course, you can become 3D modeling artist, concept designer, Texture, Lighting artist, rendering and Animation artist. and many more… there are lots of options… you can design games, gaming environment, Design car or other gaming objects & characters, design sound, do editing jobs, composting jobs, web and graphics jobs…and many more.

You can choose to work for Film Production houses, Gaming productions, Add agencies, Freelancing etc etc…

“Best of Luck for Future”